Sådan giver Craig Sullivan den gas på tirsdag

Om en uge kan du opleve Craig Sullivan på Conversionboost. Her får en optakt til hans præsentation, og der er ingen tvivl om, at Craig’s oplæg som altid bliver super operationelt – lige til at tage med hjem og udfordre dit eget setup.

Craig er en ægte optimerings-specialist. Han går ikke efter et bestemt værktøj eller den nyeste hippe trend. Hans fokus er – som du også tydeligt kan læse herunder – på at identificere potentialer, uanset kunde, uanset produkt. Der er ikke en fast formel. I stedet er der et mål og en række muligheder for at nå dertil. Det er netop en af udfordringerne ved konverteringsoptimering. Det favner over alle mulige fagligheder, metoder, værktøjer, opgaver og kompetencer, der skal fungere sammen for at skabe vækst.

Det er derfor Craig er så spændende at kende til. Prøv selv at fange ham på dagen og spørge til dine egne udfordringer, vi tør godt garantere, at han giver et interessant svar.

Men døm selv. Start herunder og fortsæt tirsdag på Axelborg i København:

Conversionboost: What’s your take on optimisation and why should we listen to you at Conversionboost?
Craig Sullivan: A lot of companies aren’t working out what’s really happening in a cross device world. The idea that there is a single view like a ‘mobile’ experience onto your product, site or app – is crazy. People use many different devices and different screen layouts – so without some knowledge here, do we REALLY know if the product experience is good? The first problem starts with not knowing what your customers are using and the second is not testing and measuring whether it really sucks or not.

In my talk, I’ll be showing you what stuff to pull from Google Analytics – what stuff isn’t reliable and how to check, automate and analyse client sites way faster than before. You’ll have a complete pack with downloads, GA templates, reports, documentation and articles – so you can build your own ‘Device Experience’ modelling kit. What I’ve learned is that 95% of setups I run this on have one or more huge experience holes, that cost companies more money than AB testing makes them. This is a really easy way to make money – let people give it to you! The biggest dirty secret of the web industry is that most people are lousy at checking if it works on all the devices their customers have – and it’s a hidden leak within your bank account.

CB: What was your greatest experience in optimisation of 2016?
CS:The realisation when coaching some students and they asked me – “So what is the best methodology and the best way?” and I replied “I really don’t think there is a way – the real way is that there isn’t a way in the first place. We have a client, whose business is as unique as a fingerprint. Not two clients will ever be alike or even have the same people or technology.

Our real skill – ‘the way’ – is in having the toolkits to be adaptive towards the unique needs and outcomes the client desires. To be able to have an approach that works, despite slavishly adhering to a methodology at all costs. Once you decide there is “the right way”, then that way is “the master” and you are the slave. Methodologies and rules are excellent tools to support our work but once you let them run the show, you forget the unique nature of every client or engagement you go into.”

What I have been teaching them to do is go above just learning what everyone else does – to transcend that by finding their own methodologies or improving stuff that’s already out there. Most importantly, I teach them to find that it is the ‘sum of the parts’ and selecting their weapons, that is the true skill. A wonderful Scotch Whisky is blended with skill and care (not a formula) to reach that perfection and so the best CRO people are those that pick and choose tools, tactics, methods, strategies and approaches that fit the problem at hand towards an outcome.

CB: What should we have our eyes on in 2017?
CS: Bayesian Statistics, Machine Learning, Automated Testing tools, Intelligent Experience Monitoring Agents, Lean Corporate, Outcome Driven Optimisation (not CRO).

Oplev Craig på Conversionboost den 14. marts.

Et specialiseret event om digital vækst og optimering.

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