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Conversionboost Conference Copenhagen, March 19, 2024.
Experimentation, optimization and Growth.
Event from 9am to 5.30pm. All in english.

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Daphne Tideman

Growth Advisor at Growth Waves and consultant

"Your failed experiment is your biggest opportunity"

We’ve all heard it “we tried that, it doesn’t work.”. When we have a failed experiment, we are quick to move on. Sure, we try to create a growth mindset and talk about learnings, but the truth is we aren’t getting the most out of those experiments.

Growth experiments are like lemons. Just because not much comes out on the first squeeze, it doesn’t mean it’s a “dud lemon”.

Daphne started out as the 1st employee for RockBoost, a growth hacking agency. After consulting various startups and corporations for over five years (and helping RockBoost grow to 25 employees), she wrote a book about Growing Happy Clients.

Then she moved to the brand side, where she helped Braincare startup Heights, scaling it from £28K to £343K MMR in 18 months. Now Daphne helps the best eco-friendly & wellness D2C startups grow faster.

John Ekman

Conversionista Founder

"AI - the game-changing future of CRO"

The future of CRO is not between AI and humans. It is between humans that have AI-augmented superpowers and those who don’t. John will show us how we can use AI today with a structured non-panicked approach to the subject.

We will learn how AI could work for us by understanding the inner workings of generative AI, its impact on society and jobs, and finally, a demonstration of real world, right here right now examples of the use of AI in CRO.

John Ekman is the founder of Conversionista, Scandinavia’s #1 CRO agency. He is a celebrated speaker with a life-long mission to “Make really complicated stuff 
fun and easy to understand.”

Abi Hough

Freelance CRO expert

"Have I got your retention?"

We’ll discuss why it’s not all about acquisition and how, if you play the game correctly, your customers can be your biggest advocates. But to keep them, you truly have to understand them. So how do you do that?

I am a freelance consultant that has worked in all thing’s optimisation for more than 20 years. I specialise in user research, functionality testing, quality assurance and evidence based heuristic analysis of websites and digital products, and have a keen interest is consumer psychology and buying behaviour.

I like to find the problems that no one else sees, and help resolve them to make better online experiences.

I have worked with an exhaustive list of clients including FTSE 100 members, major biotechnology companies and e-commerce giants.

Ashit Kumar

Growth Lead at Spotify

"Optimizing for Customer Lifetime Value"

In a world of economic uncertainty, when companies are pushing for sustainable growth, learn how we recalibrated our team’s mission towards experimentation for long term user growth. Some of the key themes that I will talk about in my session are:

  • How can a subscription-based business define and optimize Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)?
  • What is the significance of Guardrails in experimentation and how can they be chosen effectively?
  • What are some valuable insights that we have gained through our experiences?
  • What are Confounding Variables and how can they be accounted for in AB testing?
  • What are some common pitfalls and recommended best practices?

Ashit Kumar is a User Growth Lead at Spotify, in his day to day, he manages data instrumentation, workflows/pipelines and insight generation for all AB tests run within his team.

While he is very hands-on with technical tools, he often works with stakeholders all around Spotify to help them understand the value of experimentation and behavioral data. When he is not thinking about data, he is busy exploring new and emerging technologies and economic theories.

Arnoldo Cabrera

Global Digital Optimization Manager at IKEA

“Assembling experimentation at IKEA, three lessons of starting and running an experimentation program”

Arnoldo is an experienced online marketing professional with an extreme focus on delivering quality. His current assignment at IKEA covers CRO, SEO & SEM, he has a proven track record of enhancing the customer journey to drive conversions. Prior to IKEA, Arnoldo has worked across a variety of industries such as hospitality, online gaming, and IT Security. Since the beginning of 2000, he has been in the digital marketing area, with a highly focused expertise in multinational companies.

Natasha Senior

Senior Experimentation Manager at Sky

"Experimenting on the unconventional: Creating an experimentation program on reducing operational costs. "

Experimentation is not just about increasing conversion rates on your website, experimentation can be used across multiple channels, departments, and metrics. Natasha will talk about how Sky have built an experimentation program focused on reducing calls in the contact centre and the impact that has had on operational costs and grown their culture of experimentation.

Natasha has been working within the rapidly changing world of Experimentation for 8 years. Natasha has worked at Sky for the past 5 years, where life here began as an Experimentation Analyst, growing into her current position of running the Experimentation Programme across the Team.

With a strong passion for data, research, and everything experimentation; Natasha is known for her desire to educate others and spread the message of Experimentation and its many benefits far and wide.

Terry Pierelli

Experimentation Lead at Lingoda

"How to Grow your Insights Garden"

This informative and pun-filled talk is a step-by-step guide to becoming an insights master. It shares the story of how a popular travel brand used one survey question to take their user insights game to the next level and reveals an innovative way to connect your qualitative and quantitative data.

It aims to solve three key problems facing optimizers, PM’s, marketers, designers, copywriters, and analysts with a new and uncommon approach.

Problem 1: Lacking means to collect valuable qualitative and quantitative insights
Problem 2: No direct channel to our most important customers without overpaying
Problem 3: Difficulty in linking qualitative and quantitative insights to get a full picture of your audience

Terry Pierelli is a digital optimization consultant with over 13 years of eCommerce experience – from a local hip-hop studio in
Washington DC to Babbel in Berlin. He has worked passionately to bridge the gap between data, online marketing, and product to foster growth.

He now leads experimentation efforts at Lingoda, and offers CRO Training Courses and support to organizations throughout Europe. He plays many instruments, spends at least an hour a day cooking, and loves terrible jokes.

Ole Gregersen (Host & conference founder)

CRO specialist

I take pride in gathering these amazing speakers and sharing them with everybody whos into experimentation, CRO and growth in general.

For the 11th time we zoom in on optimization on both operational and strategic level.

Can’t wait to meet you all! – See you in spring in Copenhagen

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