Conversionboost Conference Copenhagen

Conference · March 19th · Central Copenhagen, Denmark

Grow your business with experimentation and optimization

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The all international superstar lineup!

Daphne Tideman profile pic

Daphne Tideman

Growth Advisor + Consultant at Growth Waves

John Ekman profile pic

John Ekman

Founder of Conversionista

Ashit Kumar profile pic

Ashit Kumar

Growth Lead at Spotify

Abi Hough Profile pic

Abi Hough

CRO Expert

cboost speaker Arnoldo Cabrera

Arnoldo Cabrera

Global Digital Optimization Manager at IKEA

Natasha Senior profile pic

Natasha Senior

Senior Experimentation Manager at Sky

Terry Pierelli

Terry Pierelli

Experimentation Lead at Lingoda

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The Venue: Industriens Hus

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Inspiration, experience, insights and networking - it's all about CRO and experimentation

Conversionboost is the annual conference on conversion optimization and growth hacking in Copenhagen.
A unique event with a 100% focus on conversion optimization. We aim to enlighten you all ways CRO – and empower your optimization skills!

Conversionboost have had around 200 participants every year since 2013. 


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Founded, organised and hosted by Ole Gregersen with DI Handel


Conversionboost Conference Copenhagen

Industriens Hus
Rådhuspladsen · Copenhagen

H. C. Andersens Blvd. 18
1553 København