Conversionboost speakers 2022

Speaker: Erin Weigel

Concept != Execution

Erin Weigel

Senior Design Manager, Deliveroo

In this talk Erin shares what she learned after running over 1.200 experiments – complete with examples of what worked and why things failed.

Erin Weigel is a Senior Design Manager at Deliveroo and leads their Design System & Accessibility efforts. Previously, she worked as Principal Designer at making hands-on improvements to the product through extensive research and A/B testing as concept validation.

Speaker: Brian Massey

Behavioral Science for Landing Pages

Brian Massey

The Conversion Scientist, Conversion Sciences (US)

Brian Massey is the founder of Conversion Sciences LLC and author of the book Your Customer Creation Equation.

His rare combination of interests and experience was developed over 30 years as a computer programmer, entrepreneur, corporate marketer, international speaker, and writer.

Founded in 2007, Conversion Sciences helps businesses transform their sites through a steady diet of visitor profiling, purposeful content, analytics, and AB testing. Massey has worked with hundreds of companies to improve their online business.

He is a sought-after speaker, presenting at IBM, Inbound, LeadsCon, Content Marketing World, Affiliate Summit, and others. He has written for online publications including ClickZ, Search Engine Land and Marketing Land. Massey is the host of the Intended Consequences podcast.

Speaker: André Morys

Behavioral Sciences: 10 Behavior Patterns for E-Commerce Growth

André Morys

CEO at KonversionKRAFT (DE)

Since 2010, the konversionsKRAFT team in Germany has been storing all results from their A/B tests in a database. Now, 12 years later, the database has a couple of thousand entries. Most of the experiments are about applying psychological principles to ecommerce websites.

In his talk, André reveals some precious insights and easy-to-apply treatments he has found inside his database.

Co-Founder of Global Optimization Group and konversionsKRAFT, Author, University Lecturer, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Growth Marketer, Blogger, Consultant, Enabler.

He has worked in the ecommerce optimization industry since 1996 when founding Web Arts AG. Today, with nearly 85 consultants, designers and conversion experts, Web Arts is the leading conversion optimization agency in Germany.

Andrés personal focus is on combining qualitative research (user testing) with consumer psychology, behavioral economics and game theory to deliver most effective optimization hypotheses that will be validated with a/b testing.

Ole Gregersen

Conversionboost founder / Conversion Specialist af

Founder and host of the Conversionboost conference. Also an optimization and UX consultant himself. Working with major danish brands but still hungry for more knowledge, networking and sharing. Which is why he keeps bringing people together at the conference, running network groups and participate in all sorts of conversion related activities.

Optimizing now | Sear your organization with real ROI

Paul Crisp

CMO at Symplify

Optimizing and A/B testing is widely known to go hand in hand. It’s a failsafe way of making the most out of your money. However, how often do you step outside of the box that is your website and get other parts of the organization involved? Is your CRO team working only with A/B testing and experimenting or are you making sure everyone is involved?

In order to truly take advantage of A/B testing, it is important to remember that it is also a crucial part of working data-driven across the entire organization. We will talk about this and how you can involve more parts of your organization in your A/B testing and experimentation so that your entire business becomes truly data-driven. Including real-world use cases and examples.

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What every CRO-specialist should know about GA4

Gunnar Griese / Christian-Doeleman-Lassen

Senior Analytics Manager / Head of CRO, IIH Nordic

Are you ready for the newest version of Google Analytics? GA4 is replacing Universal Analytics, and a lot has changed. As a conversion specialist you should adapt to a new way of setting up events and conversion tracking, get used to new metrics and a new interface.

The interesting part is that GA4 also brings a lot of new features which should interest any CRO-specialists. Gunnar and Christian from IIH Nordic will present some of the most interesting ones like the new Explore feature and machine learning audiences.

Gunnar consults IIH Nordics’s clients throughout the entire lifecycle of digital analytics implementation projects. He thrives on ensuring high data quality, automating workflows, and eventually enabling actionable insights.

Christian is the Head of SEO & CRO at IIH Nordic. His interest is in converting insights from data into actions that can both attract more traffic and convert visitors into customers.

Speaker: Patrick Olsen

How to sustain CRO as a successful channel in an organization

Patrick Olsen

Growth Hacker, Growth.Studio

Patrick has a background in optimization, marketing and web development. He has designed, built, marketed and optimized many websites from scratch over the years and because of his cross functional background, Patrick often advice in digital strategy, build multi-functional teams or do hands-on work, where knowledge is required across fields and channels, such as growth hacking.

He enjoys having one foot in the startup-world where results move extremely fast and another foot in larger corporations, where change is made through organization.

Patrick has worked with Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) for 15 years, and it is one of his favorite channels because of the underlying value the conversion rate can have on the profit of a business.

Founders of Historian

By special invitation

Historian is a young Danish startup with a new take on analytics on Conversion Optimization.

We believe that history is missing from modern web analytics, while it is possible to lookup metrics for a given date, it is not possible to recreate the experience and analyze it. It is like watching a James Bond movie as a chart of bad guys killed and beautiful women kissed instead of the movie itself. With Historian we want to show the movie.

Our future product is a Wayback Machine with heatmaps, but in addition to showing where users clicked, Historian also shows the conversion rate, revenue, etc. of the clicked element, revealing where you want them to click.

Historian will keep an constant eye on the website, looking for changes to the site itself as well as changes in user behavior, it automatically generates insights. For instance, “The changes made to the front page on the 2nd of February resulted in a 12% higher conversion rate for traffic landing on it”. These insights are pushed in social stream format, with the possibility of drilling down and further analyzing.

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March 15 · 2022
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