Speakers at the 2020 Conversionboost

Ton Wesseling

Ton Wesseling

Evidence based growth at Online Dialogue

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Ton is known for being the founding father of Online Dialogue – thought leaders in evidence based growth. Online Dialogue has been doing conversion optimization projects for over a decade now. They have been helping companies with high numbers of digital customers (like Conrad, Hostelworld, Hotelspecials, ING, Marktplaats (by Ebay), T-Mobile, and Randstad) to embed and maintain a high quality and effective experimentation program.

Ton himself has more than 20 years of experience in online optimization and he still helps and trains companies throughout the world to become really effective in evidence based growth. He is recognized worldwide as an influential thinker, writer and public speaker on conversion optimization and A/B-testing.

Ton hosts the A/B-testing mastery course on CXL, owns the ABtestguide.com platform en is also the founder of The Conference formerly known as Conversion Hotel.

Michael Aagaard

Senior conversion specialist

Your Brain Is Lying To You

Michael Aagaard is generally known as one of the most passionate and enthusiastic people in the CRO industry.

He has worked full time with Conversion Optimization since 2008 and his research-driven process has helped companies all over the world create better experiences for their customers.

Michael is a sought after international keynote speaker on the topic of Conversion Rate Optimization.

Video: See Michael introduce his talk here
cboost speaker Mogens Møller

Mogens Møller

CEO at Sleeknote

eCommerce Best Practices 2020

Mogens is CEO and co-founder of Sleeknote, which is a tool that helps websites engage with their visitors and turn them into customers.

Mogens is moreover obsessed with user-research and he does a lot of presentations worldwide on how to apply findings in user-research to online stores.

He has done hundreds of usability tests and customer interviews during the past few years and has spend the last couple of years revealing how to beat large websites by understanding how to motivate your visitors and by competing on parameters where the big fish suck!

Video: See Mogens introduce his talk here
cboost speaker 2020 Lotter Larsen

Lotte Larsen

Partner at mindberry

How to increase conversions with the help of non-converting visitors

Lotte is part of mindberry a consultancy working out of Vienna Austria with pioneers in eCommerce and the retail industry, using the power of user insights, shopper psychology and conversion rate optimization to increase client revenue.

Over the years she and her partner in mindberry have perfected their methodology to understand and ultimately influence shoppers who otherwise won’t purchase – BEFORE they leave a shop or a website.

Video: See Lotte introduce his talk here
cboost speaker 2020 Christian Holst

Christian Holst

CEO and Research Specialist at Baymard Institute

Christian Holst is the research direct and co-founder of the Baymard Institute, where he’ve spearheaded more than 42,000 hours of large scale usability and UX testing of the worlds largest e-commerce sites – findings currently used by 71% of all Fortune 500 e-commerce companies.

Video: See Christian introduce his talk here

Christian Doeleman-Lassen

Head of SEO & CRO at IIH Nordic

Conversion Rate Optimization – The Secret Sauce of SEO

Christian has worked with SEO since the most important search engines were Alta Vista and Jubii. Today he leads a team of SEO and CRO specialists at IIH Nordic and advises some of the largest brands in Denmark on getting visitors to their websites and converting the visitors to customers.

Jacob Kildebogaard

Media Director, partner / COO at Ambition

Jacob is one of the leading danish digital marketeers, has written three books since 2010, blogger, international speaker, and the founder of a Danish ecommerce benchmark service. Founder of a search agency merged to a datacentric digital agency with focus on creating results based on data. Today Jacob is media director and partner in Ambition, an award winning Danish digital agency.

Ole Gregersen

Conversionboost host

Founder and host of the Conversionboost conference. Also a optimization and UX consultant himself. Working with major danish brands but still hungry for more knowledge, networking and sharing. Which is why he keeps bringing people together at the conference, running network groups and participate in all sorts of conversion related activities.

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September 15 · 2020
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