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Speakers and topics

Conversionboost Conference Copenhagen, March 21.
Experimentation, optimization and Growth.
Event from 9am to 5.30 pm. All in english

Marianne Stjernvall

Queen of CRO

"The framework for a successful CRO-program"

In this talk Marianne will go through the learnings from implementing successful CRO-programs the big and traditional organizations: TUI and Coop. What she noticed was that the actual process of implementing the program does not differ that much in vastly different organizations, and the strategy to get there is now laid out for everyone of you to get your hands on.

When you truly found your passion in life it shows. It shows in you wanting to dig deep into the details, and still see the beauty in the smallest assignments. This is the case for Marianne who is running the independent consulting firm Queen of CRO and is an advisor to, a predictive analytics startup.

She’s a leader in the growing field of CRO AI. She’s at the forefront of understanding how machine learning and artificial intelligence tools can help testers analyze data better and find new ways to predict customer behavior.

Marianne has been in the industry for almost 10 years, during which the focus has mainly been on taking next steps in our data-driven journey – whether that means developing in-house AB-testing tools, or getting top management buy-in through translating results into business KPI’s.

Michael Aagaard

Michael Aagaard

Senior CRO Consultant

"The 4 Most Critical Ecom Pages and How to Optimize Them"

Sometimes the hardest part of eCommerce optimization is figuring out where to focus your efforts. There are a million and one things you COULD do – the question is what SHOULD you do to increase sales and conversions?

In this session, Michael Aagaard will walk you through the 4 most critical pages and share his best optimization tips based on 14 years of hands-on experience. You’ll walk away with a long list of actionable takeaways you can bring back to the office and experiment with right away.

Michael Aagaard is generally known as one of the most passionate and enthusiastic people in the CRO industry. He has worked full time with Conversion Optimization since 2008 and his research-driven process has helped companies all over the world create better experiences for their customers.

Michael is a sought after international keynote speaker on the topic of Conversion Rate Optimization.

Ton Wesseling

Ton Wesseling

Evidence-based growth expert. Optimizer by profession since 2002

"Experimentation Culture Awards: winners & nominees' stories"

Growing your business is about more than optimizing the call to action of your product page. Growing your business is about more than building a centralized conversion optimization team which is tweaking the extra percentages out of your online channels. It’s an excellent start, but how many of your digital changes are validated when they go live?

How wonderful is it when you test every change on your digital product against user experience and business growth? But when that happens – how much risk our your teams willing to take? Validation is not a solution to avoid risk; it’s your invitation to take more risks. Test and learn supported by an experimentation center of excellence is the road that leading digital companies have taken.

The Experimentation Culture Awards are Globally awarding the growth in experimentation culture since 2020. The founder and jury chair of these awards will be sharing inspirational stories by the nominees & winners of the past years and kicking off the submission of new cases for the 2023 awards at Conversionboost!

I help organizations to become more successful by adopting a solid experimentation and validation approach.

I’ve been working in this industry for over 20 years now and I still love it. Experimentation brings answers and joy, it’s a key driver for growth.

In this field of work I’ve started agencies, websites and tools, wrote lots of articles and created training courses and events.

My main love never changed though to something else than the actual work itself and I’ve now happily consulted over 50 organizations in 10 different countries.

Eat, sleep, experiment, repeat

Casper Emil Sciuto Rouchmann

Casper Rouchmann

"A growth wizards framework for finding the right ideas to test"

CEO & Founder @ SparkForce

A lot of people have good ideas – but how do you recognize the great ones? We’ll there a system for that, and in this talk Casper will show you his growth framework for identifying and testing ideas rapidly.

Using the fundamentals of growth hacking, he will take you from having a growth mindset to utilizing a growth process.

Casper has a tendency to go full-nerd, so be prepared for that!

Casper is the founder of SparkForce, a company specialising in B2B marketing. SparkForce exists to live out the vision of doing marketing for B2B companies – properly. It’s not about the channels you choose, but the strategy you put in place.

On a daily basis, Casper thrives on finding new ways to approach things, and willingly goes to great lengths to optimize his own and his clients’ activities as much as possible. In no time, he has driven SparkForce from a one-man operation, to now being a company with massive momentum under its wings.

He has previously worked for Templafy, Trustpilot, and most recently United Fintech, who are some of the biggest unicorns on Danish soil, and he generally loves helping companies throw a serious rocket at their growth engine.

Malthe Timm

Malthe Timm

"CRO Simplified: Strategies and Tactics for Webshop Optimization
(including a case with Rains)"

Head of CRO @ Obsidian

Malthe is excited to present a deep dive into the world of CRO (conversion rate optimization) at this conference. He will be sharing insights from Obsidian Digital’s most recent case study with Danish fashion brand Rains, using data from the user behavior analytics tool Mouseflow.

By examining real-world examples from various case studies, Malthe will demystify common misconceptions about webshops and provide simple tactics for any brand or company to get started on their own effective optimization process.

He promises an easy-to-follow presentation that will leave you with a solid understanding of CRO and how to apply it to your own business.

Malthe Timm is the Head of CRO at Obsidian Digital – a performance marketing agency based out of Copenhagen in Denmark with more than 150 employees. Obsidian is taking a big bet on CRO being a vital part of the future of all digital marketing efforts and Malthe is leading this effort.

The purpose of CRO is to enable further growth especially among e-commerce clients and unlocking further potential from channels from Google Ads and advertising on social media – creating the winners of tomorrow.

Jens Balle

Author, Keynote Speaker, and owner of Average Joe

"Using the nudges and avoiding the sludges."

Examples and reasons for speaking to the inner caveperson, without crossing the ethical line.

Robert Cialdini’s Seven Pillars are as useful today, as when he published his first book back in 1984 – way back before Nudge was even a thing. They are so useful, that they are even being used by internet scammers, trying to get your grandma’s money. It is not only the obvious criminals, who are using behavioral design in a bad way. 

For many years the financial markets were the working place for Jens Balle. But as his interests are more in humans than in numbers and figures, he shifted his career to behavioral sciences in 2016, when his first book on the subject was published.

Today he educates and gives speeches on a diverse line of subjects, spanning from nudging in general, designing websites, and bias in investing.

Everybody can use a little nudging.

CRO speaker: Nicolaus Benadet

Nicolaus Benadet

CRO Manager @ Symplify

"All hands on deck for the new EU directive on Price Anchoring. Symplify will walk through what this means for you."

With 2023 shaping up to be a year full of both risk and possibility. Nicolaus Benadet will help you navigate as you plan for what could be a tumultuous year for online commerce.

We will take a closer look at the new EU directive on “Price Anchoring” (unfair pricing), and what you need to have in place, plus how you can leverage the EU directive to your advantage. How to approach the subject, and our findings so far. Including Real world customer cases.

Ole Gregersen,

Ole Gregersen

CRO specialist and founder of Conversionboost

"CRO trends right now and from 10 years of conference and community"

For me – someone who lives conversion optimization, in talks, in podcasting, in this conference, as a consultant – there is constant learning and inspiration going on.

Let me to share with you where the field of CRO is going from a pragmatic and operational point of view. What trends shape how we think and work with CRO as a business? 

Get your tickets now

€425 for at full day of CRO conference

Group discount: Buy 3 or more tickets and save €100 on each.

Are you a student or NGO? > contact us for special discounts.

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March 21 · 2023
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