Conversionboost Conference Copenhagen

Here are the slides - the ones that we can share at this point - for the 2023 Conversionboost:

Conversionboost founder Ole Gregersen

Ole Gregersen: Intro and post lunch rant

Marianne Stjernvall: The framework for a successful CRO-program

CRO speaker: Nicolaus Benadet

Nicolaus Benadet: All hands on deck for the new EU directive on Price Anchoring. Symplify will walk through what this means for you.

Malthe Timm

Malthe Timm: CRO Simplified: Strategies and Tactics for Webshop Optimization (including a case with Rains)

Jens Balle: Using the nudges and avoiding the sludges.

Michael Aagaard

Michael Aagaard: The 4 Most Critical Ecom Pages and How to Optimize Them

Casper Emil Sciuto Rouchmann

Casper Rouchmann: A growth wizards framework for finding the right ideas to test

Ton Wesseling

Ton Wesseling: Experimentation Culture Awards: winners & nominees' stories

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Conversionboost Conference Copenhagen

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