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Putting sales back in your marketing 2020

Ole Gregersen · Conversionboost host

Welcome you all to a day of on-site conversion experiences.

Enjoy sitting at our large round tables, with ample room for your laptop, notes, drinks and ambitions. Let the show begin.


cboost speaker Mogens Møller

Website Best Practices

Mogens Møller · CEO and founder of Sleeknote

Even the biggest online stores in the world make huge mistakes online regarding usability and conversion optimization.

I’ve been user testing the five biggest online stores in the five biggest industries, such as Amazon, Zalando, Asos, Wish, AliExpress. This means I’ve seen with my own eyes what works and what doesn’t work. Also, what you can copy and what you should never consider implementing.

Expect a presentation full of practical cases and takeaways both for desktop and mobile. 


Higher conversion rate with customer segmenting model and insights

Jacob Kildebogaard · Media Director, partner / COO at Ambition

Your ecommerce conversion rate and lead-to-sale rate wants your attention. It wants you to stop looking at Google Analytics data, test data and tool data. It wants you to analyze your customer data instead, segmenting your customers and use these insights to improve your performance.

Who are your best costumers? What are the buying patterns and buying behaviour? From this discovery you will know where to optimize.

And this relates not only to ecommerce, but is also highly relevant for lead generating businesses. Get inspired on how to increase your conversion rate from lead to sale.


First Short Break

More coffee please! (and get to know people at your table)


cboost speaker 2020 Lotter Larsen

How to increase conversions with the help of non-converting visitors

Lotte Larsen · Partner at mindberry

To help us grow our clients’ businesses, we carry out extensive research. In doing so, we have discovered one simple method that almost always reveals an easy way to increase a company’s sales. It works like magic on any business. It is: research to understand the assumptions in the minds of non-buyers. 

In this talk, we’ll share insights from our own client projects to show:

  • Concrete examples of how we use user research to find out about conversion obstacles
  • Situations where visitors seemed to be saying No, yet were really saying something else.
  • Tips on how to get back actionable information to improve conversions.
  • “Golden questions” that we use to reveal exactly why visitors aren’t converting


Conversion Rate Optimization – The Secret Sauce of SEO

Christian Doeleman-Lassen · Head of SEO & CRO at IIH Nordic

The overall user experience and user signals are becoming more and more important ranking factors in Google’s search engine algorithm. Google is no longer just ranking websites based on content and links but is also collecting data on how people are interacting with your website, how long time a user spends on your website and if they return to your site.

This implies that some of the insights and methodologies we have used as CRO specialists can now be used in your SEO strategy as well. In this presentation Christian will go through some of the UX elements that affects search engine rankings, and talk about why CRO is more important than ever before.


Buffet Lunch

Just step out in to the beautoful atrium of Industriens Hus and enjoy their great buffet skills. We know from last year: It’s very tasty.


cboost speaker 2020 Christian Holst

Findings from Testing the Worlds Leading Mobile E-Commerce Sites

Christian Holst · CEO and Research Specialist at Baymard Institute

Christian Holst is the research director and co-founder of the Baymard Institute, where he’ve spearheaded more than 42,000 hours of large scale usability and UX testing of the worlds largest e-commerce sites – findings currently used by 71% of all Fortune 500 e-commerce companies. In his talk Christian will share some specific mobile test findings and insights on mobile user behavior, that most sites struggle with getting right.


From 1 CRO team to the whole company embracing CRO

Ton Wesseling · Evidence based growth at Online Dialogue

Conversion Rate Optimization and Digital Experiments, mostly A/B-testing, have been the holy grail for data-driven marketers in the last 10 years. Finally, we are really able to understand what makes a difference and what doesn’t.

This field of work has grown (or will soon, in your company) from a small MacGyver practise to a dedicated A-team. A multi-disciplinary team that tries to grow the company by running as many digital experiments as possible. A maturity step most of us have been hoping for in the past few years, and it’s happening! But in the way it’s mostly evolving…. it won’t survive. It will not lead to the whole company embracing CRO.

At Conversionboost Ton will share his learnings and failures to give you some inspiration on how to grow optimization in your company.


Afternoon Tea

Or coffee – but definitely something for your sweet tooth…


Guess the Test Special

How good is your gut?

We do live split-testing results together – with special guest Deborah O’Malley from  – find out how good your are at predicting proven split test results.


Designing Digital Decision Making

Jens Balle · Nudge Specialisten

Jens Balle has an extensive background from the financial sector but has switched to the good side, and now blogs, teaches and consults on behavioral design, nudging and behavioral finance.

In 2015 he wrote the book Cavemen in suits (only available in Danish: Hulemænd i habitter) and is an often-used speaker and specialist on the topic.

- 16.15

See you next year!

The Roundup

Feel free to join us at the local café for continued networking and a drink.

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March 17 · 2020
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